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mZuzek said:

Furthermore, it's also by far the best competitive Smash game, balanced to the point where over 90% of the cast is arguably viable at mid-high levels, and even at top level you still have plenty of variety. There's deep mechanics and there's plenty of interesting tech to be found with it, as well as a general focus on more aggressive play rather than defensive. And no, it still feels very much like Smash and not like other fighting games as you mention.

As for the other modes, it seems really silly to complain about missing modes when they've already been absent for a decade now, but apparently there's a lot of people who feel that way. Smash Run is insanely overrated, honestly, though I do recognize there was potential there for them to make a really cool mode. Home-Run Contest is quite a classic and I do miss it, but let's be real, it just doesn't matter. Break the Targets and Board the Platforms have been gone for ages and they're not coming back, because they're just not gonna do individual stages for 80 characters. The one I truly miss and hope returns in some update, though, is Stage Builder - me and my friends had a particular custom stage we loved playing on and it would've been amazing in Ultimate, especially with 8-player Smash being available everywhere.

I can agree from a competitive side it is the best version ever and really good at being that, but I'm not really down for aggressive play over defense, it reminds me of how street fighter 5 got further and further away from street fighter 3rd strike which had alot of tech that rewarded decisive defense moments to lead into offense, but thats just my preference, not really a knock on smash. 

I disagree that it's "sillly" to complain about modes that have been absent for decades, when ultimate is bringing back characters and stages that were absent for decades.  Brawl had a set of standard break the target stages that all characters played on,  something they could have brought back, doesn't have to be 80 stages. Also every smash had something fun and new, but ultimate hasn't done that yet. Spirit mode was ok, but it's more "event mode" under the guise of a spirit grind to unlock characters.

all-in-all, maybe its possible I'm growing out of smash bros or my taste of gaming is changing, but I'm just not eager to play smash everyday like i use to.