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Runa216 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Might be because you insulted a portion of this forum and thinking it being justified because they do not have the "right opinion" .

You should know better than being rebellious right now.

It is not rebellious nor is it flaming to say that bad people doing bad things is bad for society. Trump's followers are genuinely bad people and their behaviour is emboldening various forms of bigotry and hate crimes. What I said was an objective fact, not 'flamming'. 

I would consider that a generalization.  Not all Trump supporters I would consider Trumptarts or anywhere close to being bad people.  I have to many friends who are Trump supporters and I know them very well.  There are clearly some very closed minded supporters which you probably can put into the Trumptart category but its probably best to show which type of supporter you mean.  The behavior of some Trump Supporters are no different than any supporter.  Some people hate to see the person they vote for be anything else then what they envisioned them to be.