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RolStoppable said:
At the current pace of ~250k per week, Switch will finish the quarter with a total of ~3.5m. That's notably above Nintendo's shipment projection of ~2.5m, but if we go by VGC, Switch had a high level of stock left in the channel by the end of the holiday quarter. Therefore 3.5m in sell-through would result in shipments of around 3m units because retailers would be working toward a more appropriate level of stock for the slower months of the year.

Non sens or I just don't know math anymore at all...That's the opposite of what you say : sales have almost eaten the 9,42M shipped my Nintendo


Plus, we are seeing now for no reason( no big new game, no price cut), a powerfull increase to a baseline at 250.000, from 200.000 last year, I would order actually more units in anticipation if I was a video game retailer.

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