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Shiken said:
Burning Typhoon said:

Well, I would do that because my PC is stronger than all of my consoles.  But, like I've said, my PC isn't fitting in my pocket, so there's reason to buy switch games.


You would, like other enthusiasts that fit that minority.  However I am answering your question in terms of the general consumer.


I want to play God of War 5 and Horizon 2 for example, so I am getting a PS5 without question.  However seeing as how my PS5 will also be able to play all major games that come to PC, I see no reason to invest in one unless it is a significant leap ahead of the console I will already own.  But even then, it feels like a wasted investment to invest in such a beast of a machine.  With that in mind, I am just fine with a PS5 and Switch combo until it is no longer an option or Sony screws up so royally that I no longer want their games.


This is how the average consumer sees it, and that is the answer to your question of why we bother to buy consoles next gen.  And for the record I have the money for a sick gaming PC, I can get one at any time.  However seeing how I already have access to the games it would have to offer, I am not willing to part with those funds for the initial investment.  I am sorry if you have trouble understanding that, but it is how most consumers look at things when it comes to their purchases.


And there is nothing wrong with being an enthusiast, we all have our own values.  Just understand that you are the minority and just because you do not have a reason to buy a next gen console, that it does not mean most other people feel the same way.

I wouldn't make a bold claim like that, if you're willing to understand that the PC userbase greatly outnumbers the console one, even in terms of "casual" users, and even then, the mobile market, which is catching up in terms of technological prowess, massively outnumbers console casuals as well. You'd understand that your market is the actual minority one.