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The switch has been totally ruined for me.
1st year I played and beat Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey and had a great time playing it. I had about 100 hours on the switch with these 2 games. Then the great game drought of 2018 came and I didnt turn on my switch between from January 2018 to October of 2018.  Then Super Mario party came out. I go to turn it on and nothing. Tried everything online and couldnt get it to charge or turn on. I sent it to Nintendo, paid $110 to have it fixed. When I get my switch back I lost all my save data, so I will never go back to try and get the few remaining moons in mario odyssey or more shrines in zelda because I would have to start from scratch. I finally fire up Super Mario Party and there are only 4 maps and none of them are fun to me and I don't like the Ally system, so the game doesn't have any replay value for me. My experience with the switch has been very disappointing. I fire up my xbox one all the time for a game of halo (only game I have on xbox one) or to watch netflix.

tldr switch has no replay value for me.