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I haven't played my Nintendo Switch much The last game I played was Tetris 99 for only 2 days before that absolutely nothing for almost 7 months I think?Tetris 99 was kinda fun but its not a genre I'm into even though it's fun . What keeps me coming back to PS4 instead of Switch Is Fighting games and yes fighting games is my prefered genre but I love playing it using party chat .Also I haven't bought smash because it doesn't have a combo system and I'm an advanced combo showman in my youtube channel uploading some very tough advance combos in alot of fighting games I also play online broadcasting using Ps4 broadcast feature . When Pokemon Switch comes out I'll obviously pick up my Switch again and play it but Pokemon is not my type of game or genre I'm into I used to be into Pokemon yellow every day when I was 10 years old And I played pokem X and Y but played it lesser . Even If Nintendo had Tekken 7 or dead or Alive 6 on Switch I'd still play it Ps4 instead because of the advanced players go against online , Party chat, and Broadcasting in twitch/youtube feature found in Ps4. I like to challenge myself online competitively . 


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