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thismeintiel said:
zorg1000 said:

If I recall the January deals were mostly near the end of the month while the February deals were pretty much the entire month. I could be wrong though.

PS4 should definitely outsell XBO regardless but it will be much closer than January.

That could be the case.  I could have sworn it was longer, but I may be wrong.  Either way, going by Amazon rankings, PS4 is still going to have a good lead over the XBO.  PS4 has 4 consoles in the Monthly 100, at #42, #45, #77, and #99.  XBO only has two and those are very low.  #87 and #89.  It may not be 2:1, mainly because of the larger numbers, but I can still see it being the same ~90K that it outsold it by in Jan.

Bofferbrauer2 said:

This only affected the very last week of January and the XBO was dead the 3 weeks before because of the discounts during the holiday season. It also showed this on the NPD prediction thread and that it had 0 chances to keep up with Switch and PS4 in January.

XBO was on sale in some form or another throughout February, and in front of the PS4 for half of it in the prediction thread, ending up slightly in front.

PS4 can end up beating the XBO, but it will be not by much if it does (the advantage in the prediction thread is pretty slim, close to a tossup in elections).

See above.

Only going by Amazon, PS4 would beat the XBO handily. Only going by Gamestop, and XBO would win, no contest. Both are much closer this month to each other than you'd think.

Like I said, it's not guaranteed that the XBO would outsell the PS4, but their numbers should be pretty close to each other at the very least.