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thismeintiel said:
zorg1000 said:

If I recall the January deals were mostly near the end of the month while the February deals were pretty much the entire month. I could be wrong though.

PS4 should definitely outsell XBO regardless but it will be much closer than January.

That could be the case.  I could have sworn it was longer, but I may be wrong.  Either way, going by Amazon rankings, PS4 is still going to have a good lead over the XBO.  PS4 has 4 consoles in the Monthly 100, at #42, #45, #77, and #99.  XBO only has two and those are very low.  #87 and #89.  It may not be 2:1, mainly because of the larger numbers, but I can still see it being the same ~90K that it outsold it by in Jan.

Ya I agree completely. Similar size gap in units but percentage wise much closer than last month.

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