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thismeintiel said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Switch: 385K
PS4: 204K
XBO: 221K

XBO had a strong 50$ off Promo (plus a 100S off One X Fallout 76 bundle), and Switch the 35$ Gift card promo, but PS4 had neither of those.

Additionally, all the bigger games that month fizzled out apart from Apex, so not many reasons to buy a console outside of the promos.

XBO had deals last month, too, yet the PS4 beat it almost 2:1. I just don't see the XBO beating PS4 til maybe Dec.

If I recall the January deals were mostly near the end of the month while the February deals were pretty much the entire month. I could be wrong though.

PS4 should definitely outsell XBO regardless but it will be much closer than January.

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