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It took me a while but I finally reached 100% completion rate on shrines and Korok seeds, which meant it was time to face and defeat Ganon. After watching the end credits and cutscenes I feel empty inside, but in a satisfied way. Unfortunately I played more than the Hero's Path mechanic could record but it was fun to just watch it anyway and I was surprised by how much of my adventure I actually remembered.

I didn't have any major issues with the game but now that I'm done there are a few things I personally would've liked changed or added:

Helpless NPC's

Running into NPC's that have been attacked by enemies is a nice addition but it happened too frequently.


Clues for finding Koroks

This might've been too much work but I would've loved if you got a book in the Lost Woods with clues in the form of one or two sentence rhymes for each Korok so you didn't have to run around and search every inch of the world to find them. While I got all the seeds I did look up a guide when I didn't feel like searching an area anymore, to see if I had missed any.


Ability to repair equipment

I'm in the 'Yay' camp when it comes to weapon durability, as it means you can't just go into battle and mash buttons and expect to win, and the system also awards you for beeing smart and tactical when getting into combat. However, I would've liked the ability to repair damaged equipment (unless it's completely broken in which case that piece of equipment should be lost) either by using ores or by visiting a blacksmith.


Recipe book

I do wish there was a way to save recipes of discovered dishes. It wouldn't be necessary to save every combination for making a certain dish but at least the first one.