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Flilix said:
LittleSnake said:

I feel like Syria is the most dangerous country. It's a war torn country, so many journalist have been killed or have gone missing, hundreds of civilians have been killed. We don't know what they might do next, they could start a mass bombing everywhere. I haven't done much research so correct me if I'm wrong. 

I think the OP meant countries that are most likely to threaten the world peace, not the countries that are the least safe to be in as a citizen. The Syrian government is not really a threat to the world. They can barely control their own country.

But yes, when we're talking about the least safe countries to be in, Syria would definitely be up there.


According to this list, Afghanistan is clearly the least safe, though Syria and several others did not get a score.

Edit: the Global Peace Index is probably a better source: http://visionofhumanity.org/indexes/global-peace-index/

Syria is indeed the least safe country here. And Iceland is still the safest. But it's remarkable how different some countries like Portugal rank on the two lists.

Oh, oops. Thanks. 

Yeah man. Imagine living in Syria though, you'd have to look behind you every 5 minutes

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