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Kerotan said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

The initial reaction is not because white guys aren't seen as equals, it's becausethe character sounds boring, this is because gruffy bearded white guy with a voice like gravel has been overdone. But they made the character in days gone really interesting which was noted in the next paragraph. 

Well I wonder if a writer said "oh look yet another female lead" would it go down as well. The bottom line is him being white should be a complete non issue. His skin colour full stop a non issue. 

Okay lets try this again.

It's not BECAUSE he's white and that's it. It's because of the type of character, a gravely voice, scruffy breaded white guy. It's very very common.

People don't say 'oh look another female character' they say 'oh look another defenceless female character' or 'oh look another ghetto black character' or 'oh look another funny bubbly fat guy, never seen that before' 


None of these things I just said are sexist, racist or body shaming etc. It's just a boring character type. You're getting hung up on the wrong thing.