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Games I've beaten in 2019...

 - Astrobot

- Resident evil 2 Remake (Platinum achieved)

- Metro exodus

- Resident evil 4

- Ace combat 7

- CoD4: Modern warfare remastered


Games I'm 'working' on AKA playing...

- DmC5 (Eta 36 hours)

- Resident evil 7 (replay)

- Hong Kong Masacre

- Mutant Year zero

- A mages tale

- Metro last light


Next games I'll be playing/buying/already bought and lined up, regardless of progress on the above list...

- Left Alive 

- Sekerio (borrowing it and depending on reviews not paying a cent for it)


Backlog, mid competition, intent to resume...

- Divinity OS 2

- Persona 5

- Crash Bandicoot 2

- Shadow warrior 2

- Wolfenstien 2

- No Heroes allowed

- Dèracinè

- Dead cells

- Dark souls remastered

- Owl boy

- Pixel ripped 1989


 ***Updated for Wed March, 6th. (Scraped my Stellaris campaign until a speed modifier is added, completed Cod4 remastered campaign, Ace combat 7 completed and added DMC5 to my list, preloaded and ready to go)



Everything in the above reply is my opinion, from my own perspective and not representative of reality outside of my own head!

-Android user, please be gentle with critique on my spelling.