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Shadow1980 said:
Even without Sony's presence, I'm looking forward to E3. On MS's end, we should be getting more news regarding Halo Infinite and Gears 5, and I'm hoping we at least get some kind of tease for the next-gen Xbox. Maybe a sizzle reel showing off some in-progress footage for some expected launch window titles. If the Xbox 4 is due out in Nov. 2020 and Sony will be absent from this E3, this would be MS's opportunity to knock it out of the park this year. I also hope they show off some new IPs, preferably single-player stuff.

Nintendo ought to have quite a lot in store at E3 as well. More details on Pokemon Sword & Shield and other games for the second half of the year are almost certain, and maybe we'll get some teasers or trailers for some 2020 titles as well. I'm hoping that we'll see the first teaser for Metroid Prime 4, and hopefully also an announcement for a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD.

I'm also looking forward to Bethesda's conference. Of all the major third-party studios, they seem to have the most interesting lineup of upcoming games.


forest-spirit said:
There's a chance that we'll see Metroid Prime 4 and Animal Crossing so my answer is helling fucking yeah!



MasonADC said:
super_etecoon said:
A few people in here are expecting or hoping for a Metroid Prime 4 teaser. That...isn't likely. I'm guessing that as recently as September Nintendo were still going full steam ahead with the other development team(s). I'm thinking it's likely that Retro didn't take over until December and this was probably prompted by the team not able to get the Metroid reveal ready for the Game Awards. I just can't imagine that Nintendo or Retro would want to tease us this early into development. At this point they know we're not expecting anything and that the game probably is 2-3 years away. I'm thinking at the earliest we'll see a Prime teaser at E3 2020. I could also see them waiting until E3 2021 with a release date for Aug-Dec of 2021. They got burned showing this title (card) so early and they likely don't want to do that again...ever.

But...I would expect to see Retro's title that they just likely finished working on. That's if it wasn't canned/scrapped.

I don’t think anyone is seriously expecting MP4 this year, I certainly haven’t seen anyone saying such

You sure you haven't?