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Flilix said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:

I agree; I love both too.

The level editor features in Super Mario Maker are so accessible, and stepping into the shoes of a game maker is a lot of fun, but for me the fan-made stages in SMM just don't compare to the thoughtful, creative levels the professionals make.

There's a fair amount of thoughtful, creative levels in Mario Maker too, they're just harder to find. The level searching is definitely something I hope gets improved in Mario Maker 2.

OT: Definitely Mario Maker 2, I enjoyed the first one a lot more than any normal 2D Mario.

Fair enough. I will say a full campaign creator would do wonders. The great thing about a classic 2D Mario (or any single-player campaign, really) is that you have new ideas, items, and layouts introduced at regular intervals. There's a feeling of forward progress, not just in terms of narrative but also mechanics. So far, it's been tricky to recreate that in Mario Maker.