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JamesGarret said:
John2290 said:

Games I've beaten in 2019...

 - Astrobot

- Resident evil 2 Remake (Platinum achieved)

- Metro exodus

- Resident evil 4


Games I'm 'working' on AKA playing...

 - Ace Combat 7

- Resident evil 7 (replay for platinum)

- Stellaris console edition (domination criteria) 

- Hong Kong Masacre

- Mutant Year zero

- A mages tale

- Metro last light


Next games I'll be playing/buying/already bought and lined up, regardless of progress on the above list...

- Cod 4 remastered

- Left Alive

- DmC5 

- Sekerio (borrowing it and depending on reviews not paying a cent for it)


Backlog, mid competition, intent to resume...

- Divinity OS 2

- Persona 5

- Crash Bandicoot 2

- Shadow warrior 2

- Wolfenstien 2

- No Heroes allowed

- Dèracinè

- Dead cells

- Dark souls remastered

- Owl boy

- Pixel ripped 1989


 ***Updated for Sat March, 2nd. (Re4 done, started a Stellaris campaign, given up on Prey after the demo disappointed, added Cod4 remastered to my queue)


I'm loving this thread, it's exactly what I need to avoid and not repeat my mistake from last years of leaving a dozen and a half games I stalled on which I was loving but for some reason slipped off on and hopefully prompt me to stop that awful habit of starting games for an hour and not giving them a proper chance, instead returning to a comfort game and possibly save me money from buying games I clearly don't need when I have two dozen others to play. Cheers OP. 

What´s your opinion on Metro Exodus?...did you like it?...if you´ve played other single player only FPS games, how does the campaign in Metro Exodus fare against them in your opinion?

It's a bleak, dark survival game much like the last two metro games and also like them it is B tier  in certain aspects when it comes to story but done really well all the same, actually it's incredibly well done here (if you can ignore B tier VA, writing, localixation etc) next to the other games with amazing set pieces and some brilliant level design making for some addicting looting and map completion, side stories are interesting but the character talk way to much.

The game is infinitely better when taking your time on higher difficulties than it is on lower difficulties and the two new open maps are fantastic while the rest of the game becomes linear at times which isn't a bad thing if you enjoyed Metro 2033 or LL. 

I played on PS4 and there is some lag to the aiming and general movement but somehow, and I have no idea why, this flaw becomes a really enjoyable boon for the feel of the game. It could ruin it for you though. The graphics are brilliant at times on PRO in 4k with HDR but fail at other times, still it is one of the best 4k games I've seen yet on PRO and the most apparent use of HDR  maybe not the best but definitely the most apparent. 

All in all I'd say it is a good game, one that will satisfy you for 15 to 20 hours if you indulge in the side stuff on a decent difficulty. (I got half way through a second play through, something that is a Mark of my enjoyment).

I'd say  if you hav'nt played Metro redux play those two games first for like 10 quid and wait for a sale on this, that way you win and will have a better time with the story. It is basically a better Metro last light and expanded in the way Uncharted did with semi openness while keeping the linear feel and it doesn't take control away from you for the set pieces nearly as much, the pacing is ten fold better and the game has much higher points than the series has hit before with epic conclusion to chapters and again, just fantastic pacing. If I were to compare to any other shooter, I don't think there is much like Metro in first person form, The last of us and Resident evil is all that come to mind right now but a Russian FPS version of those games with COD like set pieces. It's a damn fine enjoyable solid game that'll make you feel that pull to return to it and a pretty great survival game. I can't speak for it when the input lag gets patched however, it may make it better or make it more generic, I can't quite tell. 

7/10, really solid and enjoyable, Good game and great for the particular genre. 

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