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Uncharted franchise sales were almost 42M by December 2017 and was 28M just before Uncharted 4. So by then UC4+ UC TLL was 14M sold to consumers. Considering UC TLL just launched in the summer and a lot of people played it via season pass, i'm pretty sure UC4 would be 10-11M of those 14M sales at least. More than a year after those numbers UC4 probably sold another 1M, so if i have to guess, UC4 should be around 12M sold by now, probably more.

Then we have TLOU. Just before the PS4 version launched in 2014, the PS3 version was announced to have sold around 7M. By June 2018, TLOU (PS3+PS4) sold 17M. Knowing the game is still charting in PS4 sales everywhere, i won't be surprised at all if the game is already ahead of 18M, and i'm pretty sure, 10M at least must come from the PS4 version.

Horizon Zero Dawn, has been already confirmed to have sold "well over 10M units", so let's say around 10'5M units in two years.

Gran Turismo Sport launched on October 2017 and it was announced on July 2018 to have surpassed 5M players, so let's say the game was close to sell 5M by then. Knowing how historically GT sales work with its slow pace, if i have to guess, the game probably must be close to 6M by now and it will keep selling until next GT comes. In the end, won't reach 10M but it well sell well enough.

Spiderman sold 9M just before December 2018, so we can almost confirm it must be close to 11M by now, if not more.

God of War, probably will know the numbers for the 1st anniversary in a few weeks, but i'm pretty sure the game will be close to 10M if not alrady ahead of that.

Those are the "confirmed" games that have sold very well on PS4 as exclusives, and all of them are from different IP's. Days Gone is looking like it's going to sell a lot too this year, and it's another potential 10M seller in a year or two. Ghosts of Tsushima looks even more promising. TLOU 2 is a guarantee, and in my personal opinion is destined to beat every Playstation exclusive record at launch. Death Stranding will sell a lot at the start but i don't know if it will have the same kind of legs as the other ones. And Dreams, will sell well, but i don't expect anything close to 10M, but who knows...

So, TLOU, UC4, Horizon, GOW, Spiderman, Days Gone, Ghosts of Tsushima, TLOU Part II, and maybe Gran Turismo Sport, Death Stranding or even Dreams in the long future are or could be 10M+ sellers. All of this, competing against the most succesful 3rd party games also in the same platform.

5 years ago nobody expected Sony to have even one game selling this good. Now they can aim to have even 10 games selling 10M or more. almost all them from different IP's also, what i found super impressive. Nintendo is still the best selling exclusive developer/publisher in the world, but Sony this gen has closed the gap a lot and people should just acknowledge that and accept it.

PS5 annoucement with its first exclusive games is going to be something to behold....

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