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EricHiggin said:
mjk45 said:

I rang Guerilla and they said no billing invoice no pay and you owe them $10 million for IP theft because you were  making money off the IP, I got you off when I reminded them that since you forgot to bill them you had in fact not made any money, their reply was that's great we love our fans and their tradition of doing  it for love not money so tell him  keep up the tradition'

PS , they also implied that if you took legal action they would send Rico to live with you.

Man that escalated rather quickly. I thought the Dutch were supposed to be a peaceful people. Then again, when they make games like KZ, well. Dealing with JC Rico is bad enough, now KZ Rico? I got my work cut out for me.

Send me the alpha of the new KZ to shut me up eh? Hmmm, interesting. What would Goldmember do?

I got the feeling they were hoping you would sue so they could get rid of Rico , I heard things like the guys a loud mouth eats all our food pays for nothing, chasing  aloy around the office like he's some lady's man, then when she mocks him for being a slow dimwit he shoots up the studio, the replastering bills are killing us, how can we fob him off to some gullible fool type talk.

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