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curl-6 said:

Can we take a moment to acknowledge how fucking nuts February has been for new Switch game announcements?

In the span of a few weeks we got reveals for:

- Pokemon Sword/Shield

- Mario Maker 2

- Astral Chain

- Link's Awakening

- Hellblade

- Rune Factory 5

- Oninaki

- Claybook

And more. This Feb has been better than any E3 Nintendo has had since 2014.

I agree.  The Feb.13 Direct was awesome and didn't even include Pokemon (which got it's own Direct).  I also think the Sept. 2018 Direct was exceptionally good.  

But really this is what I expect from Nintendo Directs and E3 going forward.  Third party releases are only going to increase on the Switch.  On top of that all of Nintendo's home and handheld teams are making games for Switch.  They don't even have the 3DS to drain away resources at this point.  It's just going to be a ton of Switch games on every "big" direct going forward.