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Yerm said:
i see the main deciding factor to this being the price. i know that the original Super Mario Maker was $60 and SMM2 expands a lot on that concept, but i can see sales being significantly higher if the price was cut down to $50 or even $40

If there's anything Tropical Freeze has shown us, it's that consumers don't care about fair pricing ... 


Ok but seriously, while I kind of get the concept of making "remix" or "create your own ..." games cheaper, due to the fact that they're usually reusing assets and require the player to make most of the fun themselves, I don't see what's the issue with $60 pricing. Especially if we get a shit ton of new features, or features that are at least very important. We're already seeing that in a lot of ways: New enemies like the Angry Sun, Vertical Levels, 3D World Style, etc.