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EricHiggin said:
mjk45 said:
Now that it's confirmed that Horizon has sold over 10 million I expect one pic for every sale , don't slack off.

I'm gunna go with it's partially these pics that helped get it there. Still haven't seen my cut either... lol.

No HZD2 leaks, no more free HZD ads!

I rang Guerilla and they said no billing invoice no pay and you owe them $10 million for IP theft because you were  making money off the IP, I got you off when I reminded them that since you forgot to bill them you had in fact not made any money, their reply was that's great we love our fans and their tradition of doing  it for love not money so tell him  keep up the tradition'

PS , they also implied that if you took legal action they would send Rico to live with you.