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shikamaru317 said:
exclusive_console said:


IMO Microsoft has given up on Xbox. I can see them providing their games, services to any platform as a third party.

Highly unlikely. They just renamed Microsoft Game Studios as Xbox Game Studios, and have bought multiple new developers now. There are multiple reliable sources saying that Xbox Scarlett with be announced this year and release next year, with plans to have the most powerful console next gen. Those are not the moves of a 3rd party publisher, 3rd party publishers do not release serious new hardware. 

According to rumors they will release some ports on Nintendo and rest will be via game pass. For example Nintendo I am sure will not make their exclusives on other platforms unlike Microsoft. People buy Nintendo console to play their exclusives. Xbox is not having that demand so I guess they decided to release their games on other platforms and have changed their strategy to provide games and services to as many players as possible irrespective which device they use.