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Launch week physical sales are down by half in the UK compared to Mass Effect Andromeda, which itself had half the first week physical sales that Mass Effect 3 had, so Anthem 1st week physical is 1/4th Mass Effect 3 in the UK. I know console digital is much bigger now, and that alot of people prefer digital for an online game like Anthem, but this still does not paint a pretty picture for the game, in the UK at least. EA wanted to sell 6m copies worldwide before the end of March, at this point I'll be surprised if it sells 3m before the end of March personally. I fear for Bioware's future, EA might just pull a Maxis/Visceral and close them instead of doing the smart thing and letting them work on Dragon Age 4 and a new KOTOR before the Star Wars deal expires in 2023 like they should.