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Soundwave said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

They want an online monopoly. Forget the consoles, they don't care about those. If they succeed in monopolizing the online base they will ween off of consoles and go third party. We've been talking about this stuff for years Sony has always been standing in their way and choose to go the self sufficient route.

MS wants to control the Cloud. If Amazon or Google win the race for a game streaming service, MS will be very upset. 

Sony is small potatoes, Nintendo is basically a non-competitor/friendly colleague in MS' eyes. 

If MS is successful in getting the defacto game streaming service, they "win" (at least by their metric). 

I don't know you. But you marginalize Sony and PS in every post. That's quite the hot take given how MS have historically, and continue to perform against PS in the gaming sphere. And Nintendo is immune to the same scrutiny.... To say nothing for how MS has performed in the open market against other tech competitors. This endeavor however, is in the MS wheelhouse: An attempt to establish dominance in such a way that it removes to a significant degree, consumer choice. I composed this on my Windows phone while listening to Two Princes on my Zune. Then I taped my Windows phone to my ass and posted it by dropping down onto my SmartGlass.

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