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CaptainExplosion said:
shikamaru317 said:

I'm referring to Nintendo possibly choosing to release some of their games on Xbox next gen via porting, not Nintendo letting Microsoft's studios have a crack at Nintendo's IP library xD I can't imagine that MS would release some of their exclusives on Switch unless Nintendo was willing to return the favor and release some of their exclusives on Xbox, but you never know with Phil. 

Well won't letting Nintendo games being ported to Xbox take away from the incentives to buy Nintendo Switch?

Possibly, but the gain for Nintendo is also potentially huge. Switch as it is, is getting barely any AAA 3rd party support due to it's low specs relative to PS4 and XB1, and that will only get worse once PS5 and Scarlett release and graphics advance even further, xCloud would allow Nintendo to continue offering AAA games on Switch into the early years of next gen. Nintendo and MS could form a symbiotic relationship with MS putting some of their exclusives onto Switch and AAA 3rd parties onto Switch via xCloud streaming, while Nintendo returns the favor by putting ports of some of their games onto Xbox.