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I have been a multiplat gamer for some time, so I will buy all 3 eventually. If you consider Switch next-gen, I will be getting it first most likely, later this year. What I have not yet decided on yet is which I will buy first between PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, that is up the their reveal events and such; price, specs, and launch window games will all be deciding factors. I also haven't yet decided if I will buy the rumored Google console, there are alot of unknowns there, we know they are working on it, and we know they've been looking to buy and build developers to form a 1st party, but we know nothing about specs, price, or which developers they are buying. They have a gaming event scheduled for GDC next month where it is rumored that they might announce their next gen console plans, so we shall see how I feel after watching that.