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MrWayne said:
eva01beserk said:
Waiting a year for it to be under $30 and has more content.
There can only be so many fails untill big publishers realise that GAAS face is done.

GAAS is not a phase, it will stay for the foreseeable future but like with everything else it have to be done right. Releasing such a bare bone game with a 60$ tag is not the right way

Let me put it this way, these types of games are meant to retain all your time and money, so if you are not #1 your not doing good. maybe the next 2 will do barely ok. But that dosent help since we get so many of these a year. I mean, EA just launched 2 of these in less than a month. Thats just crazily.

Well I have zero interest in multiplayer, so waiting for more content and reduced price is not an issue for me. Will still play this game since cuz the flying mechanic has grabed my attention.

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