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MrWayne said:
Neodegenerate said:

My understanding is that all DLC for Anthem will be free, so the pay more piece is a bit moot - with exception of course to the cosmetics microtransaction store that is a staple in these games these days.


I think the Origin/EA Access early release hurts these reviews a lot more than it helps them.  There is a massive "day 1" patch coming this Friday that addresses a lot of issues that have had an impact on the reviews that didn't need to without the early access.

I myself am enjoying the game, but definitely question its staying power.

That's a very weak excuse when you have f2p games with  free content updates and free dlc.

I am not making an excuse for anything with the DLC statement.  Just informing.

The early access thing also isn't an excuse, it is a valid reason why the game is currently being raked over the coals.  If the game released with the "day 1" patch it is getting a week after its soft release it might be reviewing better.