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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Super Mario RPG partnership with Square/Enix

I would definitely buy a Switch if it was either one of those. 

Ganoncrotch said:
think-man said:
Legend of Dragoon.

They bought the rights of Sony.

for that to happen everyone including the members of this site would need to truly believe it was dead and buried before Nintendo could start their unholy revival techniques on the body!

Maybe they're teaming up with Komani to bring Silent Hills to the Switch exclusively!

Silent Hills would be garbage at this point.  I don't think Konami has anyone of real talent still left at their company.  They're fine with yearly releases of PES, milking their franchises for Pachinko machines, and maybe a remaster here or there.

twintail said:
RingoGaSuki said:

Source here.

Nintendo is apparently reviving a 'dead and buried game that is "not one people would expect'. What could it be? 

Considering their relationship with Platinum, Project Hammer/Scalebound (I do believe Platinum, not Microsoft own the IP) are my guesses. 

This news is kind of nothing.

That said I am pretty sure MS owns Scalebound and somehow I doubt they have another project with Platinum in the works, though I guess it depends on the release schedule for this game.

I am going to go with Project Hammer, cause why not. Though that game doesnt seem particularly interesting these days.

Well, if the guy is accurate, it wouldn't be Project Hammer, or StarTropics, like I mentioned earlier.  Those were developed by Nintendo studios and he says its not a Nintendo game.  I actually could see it being Scalebound considering Platinum is friendly with Nintendo and MS may have sold them the rights to it.  Mega Man Legends 3 would also be a good choice.  Maybe they'll go out there and do Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun or Whore of the Orient.