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Bofferbrauer2 said:

4+5: Anything that arrives in a port or airport in Ireland gets checked by customs, even if the goods come from the EU. The reason is that ships are huge and and not all goods are guaranteed to come from the same source. Also, in case of fresh foods and livestock, everything needs to be controlled no matter where it comes from due to hygiene and disease prevention (that's basically true for every island as they get counted as a whole in these scenarios, but apart from Ireland there are just a couple more islands where it applies, Borneo, Cyprus, Haiti, Papua and Timor are the only other ones that come to mind).

Hills can be destroyed... but having the UK destroying hills in Ireland would be qualified as an invasion, as they have no right whatsoever to be there. So forget about the UK even trying to do that (in case you didn't understand, just on the Ireland side would the road be covered with a hill to male it impracticable, unless the UK would want to do the same on their part of the road).

In other words, roads will be the only viable points of entry for your smuggling. You can always try off-road, but since the Trucks are not built for going oof-road you'll have to do it with SUVs - and they transport considerably less than a Truck. So unless they smuggle high-value contraband, smuggling by SUV will only amount to a drop in the ocean.

@underlined: You got a source for that? Also, you think that's still true almost 10 years after Gadaffi's death? Besides, it doesn't need military grade weaponry for guerilla tactics, plus most civilian versions of military guns can be converted into military grade by halfway skilled gunsmiths. But in any case, gun smuggling was just meant as a counterargument and showing that smuggling can go both ways. You didn't understand that, you failed the test.

@bold: Or UK lets Ireland reunify if they care for the inhabitants of Northern Ireland. Problem solved

Me, fear mongering? You are the doomsayer here, telling how supposedly Ireland and the EU will go down in flames. That's the hypocrisy of most Brexiteers by the way as far as I found out, as any Brexiteer I met or talked to acted like doom and gloom would hit everybody, but not the UK if they leave.

@italic: You seriously need some lessons in macroeconomics. I won't even try to teach you there anymore, having tried the last half dozen of posts or so.

About the last line, oh yeah it will. And since the Last Judgement is based on the thinking that the dead will raise beforehand, it will only happen after a Zombie apocalypse, so basically never  

4/5. EU import procedures only apply to non-member states so they do not apply to any member states even if they arrive from ferries via Ireland. As far as hygiene or disease prevention, it is the member states job to make sure that livestock meets these regulations and not the EU so in the case of non-compliance the EU will suspend the said member from participating in the customs union ... 

UK officials wouldn't be the ones destroying the hills, it would be most likely Irish nationalists so one way or another Ireland is going to have to arm themselves against breaches because trying to create a near impenetrable hill at a length of nearly 500km isn't viable ... (those who live near the border are mostly Irish nationalists communities after all so British unionists at the east couldn't give a shit about what happens at the border) 

As for using SUVs to get around the hill, they could instead just use some 4x4 trucks and have transport trucks parked at both sides of the road so hills would only delay the inevitable by a few minutes at most. Leaving blocked crossing points unattended would be disaster for Ireland or the EU and as I've clearly laid out the case against you it's not an option for them ... 

As for sources here you go where you can start from page 9 of the document under the title 'Arms'. This is coming straight out of Ulster University's CAIN website. The summary is basically this, arms trafficking in the Republic of Ireland wasn't all that successful (I doubt it would be considering the security near the border) since Irish authorities often cracked down on arms dealing so Irish paramilitaries mostly relied on direct shipment of arms from Libya to Northern Ireland ... (this is a much more plausible theory since the majority of the weapons were confiscated within Northern Ireland rather than the Republic of Ireland)

@Bold LOL, no they can't. The civilian versions of these small firearms have very different internal components compared to their military counterparts. Gunsmiths would practically have to create a new firearm from scratch to match the military versions and they'd have to do it with CNC milling machines which cost an upwards of tens of thousands of dollars so it's not realistic to acquire military grade weapons this way but even explaining all that I have yet to divulge other issues such as magazines or explosive weapons. Your gun smuggling argument doesn't amount to much since they usually didn't arrive at the border but from the Celtic Sea to Northern Ireland ... 

The problem with your proposal is that most of the Northern Ireland representatives prefer to stay with the UK. How about the border communities just move to the Republic of Ireland instead and leave the unionists alone ? They can have 'reunification' without needing the land itself if they want to so badly ... 

You are fear mongering for the most part especially since your precious union just had another (Greenland being the first) member left. I didn't say that the UK wouldn't face issues in the process so that's just your projection but I merely pointed out that the UK as a union is in a far stronger state than the EU ... 

LMAO, what I said about the ports from the EU not checking the ferries from other member states remains true and has always been true so you strong arming me into thinking otherwise won't work when you don't even have a source claiming otherwise. I know more of the so called 'macroeconomics' than you do despite the fact that I've only taken a single course in 'microeconomics' in post-secondary school and you're failing to grasp even the basics behind the idea of smuggling which is to normalize supply and demand in a market by bringing in cheaper goods or services from another market ... (the incentive behind smuggling is to decrease demand by being able to bring in lower cost contraband to compete against domestic supply) 

The EU won't take no for an answer from Ireland no matter how much it cries after no deal ...