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People should keep in mind that Town and Pokemon are Gamefreak, and while Nintendo has a lot of control over the games they publish/IP they own, I think Gamefreak gets a little bit more control over their releases. I don't think Town is necessarily delayed just because it hasn't been shown. I can see it being at E3. And if it does come out this year, that confirms, unfortunately, that it's most likely a very small game in terms of marketing and importance. Which sucks because I was hoping it would be kind of like the next Splatoon. Still, I COULD see a delay

I also have no idea why people think that Pokemon or Animal Crossing or Luigi's Mansion have to be delayed. Is it just because they announced a bunch of new games last direct? I mean ... maybe it would be smart to push one of the bigger titles into next year, since they're dumping so many games on us this year. But honestly, 2D Zelda, Mario Maker, and Astral Chain are *not* a replacement for any of those games. Not even Luigi's Mansion. Don't get me wrong, they'll sell a lot of software and we will see pretty decent hardware bumps during that time. I could even see Mario Maker and Link's Awakening selling a lot of Switch's. But I don't think they can replace those other games in terms of selling hardware, and Mario Maker 2 is coming out in June anyways, months before those other games will come out, so even if it's a big system seller it can't really replace them in the lineup. 

It's kind of sad ... it's like the concept of this thread is basically admitting that this year is too good, and that we have to downgrade it because Nintendo doesn't have the resources to make the next year as good in order to keep Switch momentum up. That is, in theory, potentially true. It's just really not something I want to think about. I don't think we should have to spread out titles that were announced for this year just to cover for the lack of potential games next year. 

I also think that Nintendo might be planning for 2020 to be sort of like 2018. In that case, they really don't need to delay games into next year, even if it's looking plausible. If they have a Generation 4 Pokemon remake, a new 3D Mario game, and possibly even a new 3D Zelda, or other big surprises, then yeah. We won't really need to push games into next year to keep Switch's momentum up, especially since the price will be lower, there will be a revision, and it will still be selling of it's back catalog.