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LudicrousSpeed said:
goopy20 said:
Man it must suck to be a Xbox fan nowadays. Sony keeps nailing it with their exclusives, while MS keeps producing these piles of steaming poo.

This is a common take at various vidya game places and I don’t really get it. If you’re a fan of something, there’s a reason you’re a fan. What you’re doing here is basically going up to an NBA fan and saying “man it must suck to watch this sport, the NFL makes way more money and gets much better ratings!”. Sure, it might be true, but for most fans, it’s irrelevant. 

Im an Xbox fan because I love the controller, the UI, XBL is way better than PSN imho, and when it comes to the exclusives, I prefer more of what Microsoft offers. Like the vast majority of gamers, most of my gaming is done on multiplats.

So much this.

I game on Xbox because for me it's simply the best console with the best games. I've got plenty of friends who game on Playstation so I've played some of the exclusives but not a single one I'd want to play over Gears of War or Sea of Thieves for example. There's nothing stopping me from walking into a store and buying a PS4 but I just don't need/want one.

On topic of Crackdown 3, downloaded it from game pass this morning but haven't tried it yet. I just hope it's the kind of mindless, fun game that will heal my post-RDR2-depression.