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goopy20 said:
Man it must suck to be a Xbox fan nowadays. Sony keeps nailing it with their exclusives, while MS keeps producing these piles of steaming poo.

This is a common take at various vidya game places and I don’t really get it. If you’re a fan of something, there’s a reason you’re a fan. What you’re doing here is basically going up to an NBA fan and saying “man it must suck to watch this sport, the NFL makes way more money and gets much better ratings!”. Sure, it might be true, but for most fans, it’s irrelevant. 

Im an Xbox fan because I love the controller, the UI, XBL is way better than PSN imho, and when it comes to the exclusives, I prefer more of what Microsoft offers. Like the vast majority of gamers, most of my gaming is done on multiplats. Sure, Sony has a great shooter franchise in Uncharted. Idc, tried em all, not a fan. God of War seems good from what I played, I’ll get back to it someday, never tried it on my Pro. If you take the best PS4 games Sony has made or paid to be made, I’d still take the Xbox controller and Horizon and XBL, because those Sony games just don’t appeal to me much, especially now that they’re injecting Naughty Dogs formula into seemingly all of their games.

Pretty amazing that you only got a warning for that post.