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Wyrdness said:
alejollorente10 said:

The combat of Bayonetta 2 feels more fluid and controls much more precise. Anyway, I love the two games although I have a certain preference for Bayonetta 2.

The second is more fluid and precise but it lacks certain intricacies due to certain changes in the system for example they removed stun from bullet artes and otg mechanics, you also can't launch any enemy that is higher than mid tier with out witch time which restricts certain applications in combat the are a number of issues but then the are a number of fixes the second brought as not only is it more fluid and responsive but it got rid of the horrid qtes, the second game's approach also added more emphasis on set ups in playing the mechanics making accessories more impactful and far better levels, bosses and structure.

What happens is generally B1 becomes a lot more rewarding in exploring its combat but B2 is much better to play through as a game and the series has this rift.

Yeah, I hated the deaths by QTE of the first Bayonetta. 

Certainly Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 are different in many aspects, which surely is because they are of different generations and different directors. Kamiya is certainly not interested in being associated with Bayonetta 2.


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