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Minus VIII :(

Seriously, not that much for me. I've played DQ11 on PS4, I already have FFVII and IX and while I would rebuy, I think they'll charge a premium and I don't like the PS4 versions that I assume are untouched for Switch. I don't care much about Mario Maker but it might be the highlight for me. Already knew about Yoshi. Tetris Royale doesn't interest me. No interest in Fire Emblem. Why did they even mention Smash for a second? That game by Platinum didn't impress me either.

I love Link's Awakening. It's my favourite 2D Zelda, so maybe I'll enjoy the remake? It didn't get me excited though, I already have the original on GB and 3DS. I'd just as soon welcome the DX version on Switch too, but I'm not feeling that remake at the moment.

I suppose it's nice to have a launch window for Bloodstained, I backed the game but for PS4 and at least I have an idea when to expect it.

Oh I just remembered Box Boy, that is the highlight for me. I actually really liked the three on 3DS. If I ever buy Captain Toad on Switch I guess the updates and DLC might be something to look into.

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