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4/10. Very eh. It confirmed that there's nothing of interest to me for the first half of the year until Fire Emblem launches.

Even FE was very precarious, the battles were still there, but I'm not sure about the story and the training people in a school type shit. It implies that there'll be a big conflict between the three, do hopefully that materialises to make it feel more like a normal Fire Emblem.

Dragon Quest XI looks fucking incredible, definitely shaping up to be one of the best releases ever. I loved the 3DS version and this looks even better.

Platinums new game looks cool too, gives me hope for Bayonetta 3 later this year.

But yeah, nothing I care about for the first half of the year, everything else was decidedly boring to me and no mention of Pikmin or Animal Crossing, and no new Smash reveal leave me very bored. Below average imo