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Jranation said:
Nogamez said:
Im going to get murdered for this buuuut 2/10 for me. Zelda looks amazing ( but its a remake albeit it a damn impressive one) and Hellblade my GOAT buuut obviously i already own that game on ps4. Everything else didnt interest me one bit. No Snes games, no netflix, no mention of overhauling horrendous OS, nothing from Retro. No pokemon or animal crossing. No Botw or SMO dlc. No Luigis mansion. Just a bunch of anime that doesnt interest me one bit. Thank god for that one zelda remake. Astral chains looked ok i guess will beed to see more on that. Pretty terrible overall for me. Oh and that absolute terrible port od dead by daylight seriously?

They dont wanna drop everything in this direct. It will overshadow the other games. Like most Nintendo directs, they do not show everything. They like to space out the big games. 


So expect Pokemon, Luigi Mansion and Animal Crossing at e3 or if there is a direct before e3. 

And with Pokemon, its Game Freak. We all should know by now that Game Freak announces the mainline games at their own pace and time. People who expected Pokemon Gen 8 to make its initial debut outside of Game Freak's own presentation should reflect upon the history of Game Freak's announcement patterns.

And the BoTW and SMO DLCs were not expected, nor guaranteed.

Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 3 will get their time when Nintendo believes the time is right for them to be revealed. It's been like that for Zelda BoTW, Metroid Prime 4, Smash Bros. Ultimate, and many other games of Nintendo's past.


As for me, its a 7-8/10, I liked it for what it is. A lot of the ports presented are games I have not played so I am looking forward to learning more about them to see if they interest me. Mario Maker 2 looks and sounds great to me! Can't wait for Joker and even though I hoped for the reveal of the second DLC fighter pack, I am willing to wait longer to learn more. Link's Awakening remake looks amazing as well as Fire Emblem Three Houses, which I will definitely go for the special edition. The new Platinum Games title Astral Chain looks interesting, a mix between Xenoblade Chronicles X's artstyle and Platinum Games' over-the-top action gameplay. My sibling will definitely look forward to the Rune Factory games. I'll definitely try out the demo for Daemon x Machina. Yoshi's Crafted World looks nice and I will try out the demo today. I have more to mention, but that's already a lot of games to look forward to for just this year alone.

I hope not a lot of people are acting like they have a pretty big budget to spend games on a yearly basis. This direct is fine. Not everything is there, but no one should expect that. Nintendo only operated like that once when they were desperate. Now with the Switch doing well, they're pacing themselves with what they to present in Directs. Of course, I feel for people not getting what they want, but hopefully we will learn more about the games they want soon.