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h2ohno said:
I've seen some hate for them recently, but I thought most of the motion-based levels in Mario Galaxy were well done. The manta racing in particular worked well, as did the ball rolling. I could really feel myself getting better at both the more I played.

Hate for Mario Galaxy? I honestly haven't really come across that. IMO, it's still the landmark Mario game from a design standpoint, the Ocarina of Time/Breath of the Wild game of that series.

The IR collection in Mario Galaxy was such a great mechanic. I added a new dimension that is missing in Odyssey.

I'd love to see Super Mario Galaxy 3, bring in some of the wall-2D gameplay from Odyssey, but maintain the mechanics and design style of Galaxy.


I know it probably won't happen for decades (when they decide to do a design throw-back), but I really look forward to the day that I can play a new Super Mario Galaxy game.

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