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Sorry, but anyone with even the TINIEST bit of knowledge of any business knows how ridiculous it is to suggest that the 360 had sold about 4.5 million and had an additional 1.5 million shipped. Sorry, but this is not the 1960s and companies simply do not keep that much inventory for ANY product on hand. A little leson for you, since you all are REALLY ignroant. Any store will not keep more than 1 month inventory. Inventory is the NUMBER ONE cost of a business. Therefore, if a console had sold 4.5 million units in 6 months, there is NO WAY that businesses would accept 1.5 million in inventory. It just does not happen. Not even close. Seriously...I know this is hte internet where 12 year old kids like to think they can bluff their wauy into looking like experts on every subject, but when you gt called on your bluff, all you do is lose ALL credibility for future posts. These numbers are wrong...plain and simple.