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Given we haven't had a Direct yet this year, it feels a little early to speculate, but my guess is we might actually see a slight change of emphasis. I think this thread is simplifying Nintendo's marketing strategy at E3 in the last few years. If you think about 2016 and 2018, both the showfloor and the digital broadcast were dominated by a single title (Zelda and Smash, respectively). That isn't true of 2017. While the showfloor was designed around Odyssey and pre-E3 material suggested Odyssey was the focus, Nintendo's digital broadcast was fairly wide in scope - it wasn't devoted entirely to Odyssey and didn't have 20 minutes of Odyssey coverage. 2016 is something of an outlier in terms of digital coverage, given Nintendo's position at the time, 2017 had Odyssey positioned as the major title on the showfloor but didn't overemphasise it during the broadcast, while Smash was the basis for the showfloor and took up half of the broadcast time.

My assumption is while the showfloor will be designed around Animal Crossing - effectively designed as an Animal Crossing village you can roam around with character models, trees and houses etc - that game won't receive the bulk of E3 coverage. So it'll be similar to 2017, wherein the pre-E3 material and Nintendo's showfloor emphasised Odyssey, but their digital broadcast was much broader in scope. By way of comparison, in 2016 and 2018, both the showfloor and the digital broadcast placed a heavy emphasis on a single title.

Really what I'd like to see from Nintendo is an emphasis on how strong their 2019 line-up is going to be - and a showfloor which is part Animal Crossing village, part Luigi's Mansion, part generation 8, but I think Animal Crossing, as a major EPD release, is the likeliest candidate for this year's showfloor design. I'd expect the broadcast to be much more balanced than 2016 or 2018, though.