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Jumpin said:
Miyamotoo said:

You said late March, gaving release dates less than 2 months before launch for Nintendo new games is not realistic to expect, they need to start talk about their Spring-Summer games soon in any case.

Why is it not? Why do they need to talk about things so far in advance? The earliest they need to begin marketing a game is the moment of launch. If they begin talking about it too early, than they run into the same situations that has plagued them virtually ever since the N64 where the prospect of future first-party games cannibalizes their current release/sales/featured schedule.

They recently released Smash Bros and Let's Go Pokemon, and still Mario Kart bringing in new hardware sales, along with Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. They just sold around 10 million new consoles in the past few months, increasing their userbase by 40%+. They are hardly hurting for a new killer app or system seller to be marketed at this time. Their best business move is to sell content currently featured, currently releasing, or currently on sale; not have people holding off for games 6-24 months down the road.

Gaving dates 2-3 months in advance and start marketing those games is not so far in advance, and they always start promoting their Switch games and gave release dates in worst 2-3 months before launch.

I also think that reason why we didnt had January Direct is because they wanted to gave Smash Bros and NSMBU DX more room, but soon they will need to start giving dates and start marketing post Yoshi games, they need to tell soon what games will be out in around 2-3 months (April-May). No one talking about 6-24 months, I actually talking about next 1-5 months (around July releases) focus with next Direct.