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Lafiel said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Oh, and about the reunification: I'd rather say the UK can soon kiss the UK goodbye, as I don't think the Scots or the Norther Eire (who both vote remain I might add) will want to stay in the UK any much longer, especially not with all the problems a no-deal poses on the population.

As afaik 2/3rds of Scotlands trade is with the rest of the UK, Scotxit from the UK could be another economy wrecking decision - unfortunately they seem pretty stuck there.

Its less than 2/3s Lafiel.


Because 43% is directly with EU country members.... if you count other countries trade agreements from EU, that number goes higher.

Im guessing UK makes up atmost abit over 50% of scotlands trade.

Scoutxit would more or less be as bad for them as leaveing the EU (brexit)

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