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ArchangelMadzz said:

I just want to say that even though my replies were long (kind of a bad habit of mine, lol) I wasn't upset. I will admit that I did get a little bit frustrated with the last reply but that was only because, to me, it seemed like you were dodging the point of the conversation.  All I intended to do originally was to correct you on your point to Mandalore, just like you corrected Mandalore on his point. I focused much more on the point you brought for consideration because ... there was no reason to focus on your correction of Mandalore, since I already agreed. So when you kept saying that it wasn't important or that it didn't matter, I was getting a bit frustrated. 

I kept trying to end it at the correction many times, but the conversation ended up going past it's expiration date because I was accused of "nitpicking", even though just like you all I did was make a correction, lol. You asked me what you said that was wrong, I reiterated. I tried to end the conversation three times prior to the last time (four total). But yes, you are right, it doesn't matter in the overall grand scheme of this thread. I will admit that I don't see why your correction to Mandalore is any more important to the graph than my correction to you (because your correction to Mandalore is talking about something that contextually takes place after Switch's December sales anyways, as does my correction, so they're equally important), but yeah. This doesn't need to be discussed any further, haha. Everything is fine!