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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

I know it launched on the 23rd (I think). But the point is still valid.

Actually your point is wrong. Had your point simply been "oh, the Switch hasn't been out for two years", you would have been correct. But that was just a supporting point you were making. What you were actually trying to get across with your comparison was that the PS4 got it's first official price cut when it had been out for two years, and that the Switch has not even been out for two years, so Mandalore's comparison is flawed because you can't say that the Switch is still selling at it's original price as a supporting point for the console when it hasn't even been out as long as the PS4 was when it got it's first price cut.

But this isn't correct. The Switch has already gone on longer than the PS4 did when it got it's first price cut. Unless you were making a different objection with the 2nd half of your comment to Mandalore's, what that objection could be I can't figure out in the slightest. At this point you should agree with Mandalore's overall point, the only thing he really got wrong was saying that the PS4 up to this point had two official price cuts, but that was only half of your reply.

Hope you get what I mean. 

Decided to go back and see where this all went wrong. 

Days since switch launched: 708

Days till PS4 got a price cut: 693. 



I entirely see the point you're making. Like I fully 100% understand what you're saying. But like I was saying before in the context of talking about the data that the entire thread is based on. It doesn't matter as these are December figures. 

Why? Because he replied to my post about the figures on the graph. But again, even if we were talking in today's context I still would've said the same thing cause I wouldn't have cared enough to check the literal number of days because his comment was so crazy. 


I'd like to think I'd put a lot of effort into every single post I make on here but I don't, the only work I did was Google the first price drop, see his comment was wildly incorrect, see it was around 2 years after  launch ndd that the switch is still a month away from being 2 years old. 


Is your point correct? Sure, it is. I haven't disputed that much. My point is that it doesn't matter. 


I'll hold my hands up and say I should've added onto the end of my comment. 


"We'll see what happens ehew we get January numbers and see how the price drop effects things". That probably would've avoided everything.