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chakkra said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Hardware revision shares (Feb 8):


Slim: 84*0.8+175*02+74=176.2 61%
Pro: 36*08+195*0.2+45=112.8 39%

Xbox One:

S: (50+5)*0.8+ 50*0.2+0=54 18.8%
X: 0+165*0.2+102+88+66+32=233 81.2%

Slim+S 230.2/Pro+X 345.8 40%/60%

X Fallout 76 sale is really pushing the box a lot

I've been saying this for ages.  Original X1 buyers are ready to do the upgrade, they just don't wanna pay $500 for it.  

For the life of me I do not understand what the heck MS is waiting to do a permanent price cut on the X1X.

Agreed. I'd even take one of the price was right full well knowing that the neXtbox is coming next year at the latest.


Excellent thread. Hope you learnt a lot during the holiday season and implement it this year!