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EricHiggin said:
So much hate being directed at a person of color. What does the left label those type of people again? I bet Liam Neeson remembers.

Can't hate on someone because they are different color now?  When will people realize there are good and shitty people of all races.  All races have mix of good and shitty people.  That doesn't make one racist.  Hell I still group everyone in a race together sometimes and some might consider me a racist.  I just hate most humans but once I know them on personal level then my generalized hate goes away.  Just remember there are good and shitty people of all races.  My own race (white) seems to have more majority of shit people but some of us are trying to get better.  Eventually the races will combine all into one and then we can travel back to the past as goobacks (South Park).

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