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snowy4manutd said:

Exactly it's in the EU's interest to deal with us as they will be losing more than the UK's contribution payment but a lot of trade to our rest of world partners if we leave with no deal. The only reason the figures are that high is because of European restrictions on our trade to rest of the world over the years. NO DEAL ALL THE WAY!!

So your logic is because it ll hurt the EU, even if it hurts the UK 5 times as much, its okay.... you have position of strength, because the EU wont accept takeing such a loss?

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Enough chaseing unicorns.... that isnt how things will play out.
There will be a hard border in ireland, because of you guys leaveing.

Didnt want that? should have thought up a work around before invokeing article 50.
There was never any way around this issue.
England broke its GFA (good friday agreement) with Ireland, imo.

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