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fatslob-:O said:

It's time for Leo & Co along with the other in this thread to realize just HOW MUCH in deep shit Ireland is in with regards to no deal ...  

Leo Varadkar is DELUSIONAL if he thinks it's over once Britain crashes out and that he'll see an easy path to reunification ...  

1. What is Ireland going to do about potentially TENS OF BILLIONS WORTH of SMUGGLED GOODS making it's way into the EU from the UK ? 

2. The UK will gain a MASSIVE economic competitive advantage if they're allowed to import cheaper goods compared to EU member states in the case of an open Irish border ... 

3. Have the EU made ANY GUARANTEES to Leo that they WILL NOT boot Ireland out of the single market and customs union in the case where no border is installed with Northern Ireland ? 

In ANY of the cases, Leo and Ireland will stand to lose SOMETHING FOREVER! No deal isn't as bad as some people make it out to be as long as the EU remains sympathetic to smuggling so the UK will either take the EU or Ireland down with them because it may as well be a test of *solidarity* ... (as long as the UK serves as an entry point to the EU market they are perfectly content with serving as a de facto middleman for other countries to flood cheap goods inside the EU)

Does Ireland have enough *solidarity* with the EU to toss aside the GFA for the SM/CU or will they toss aside the SM/CU to uphold the GFA ? To be, or not be that is the question ... 

1. What about the tens of billions of smuggled good making it's way into the UK? A border works both ways, you know. The only thing the Eire will loose forever with the UK will be the open border.

3. The EU cannot boot out any other country. Countries may leave if they wish, but can't be kicked out for whatever reason. Otherwise you can be sure the UK would have been out for a long time now, always wanting a cake and eat it too for decades. The Uk got exemptions, rebates and whatsnot, and yet they are still unhappy and bickering all the time. There were times where I would have loved to be in the European Parliament just to tell Cameron at the time to shut the fuck up for his ridiculous demand of the day, and yes, including the F word. You'll understand that many Europeans just think "Goodbye and good riddance you ingrates" when it comes to the Brexit.

In any case, wtf about all that talk of smuggling?

Besides, if the UK crashes out, that also means no deal on the Irish border and thus a hard border will be unavoidable there, and all because the UK  parliament can't stop bickering with themselves for 2 seconds. Seriously the parliament is so broken that whatever the EU would offer by now, it would be shot down in parliament even if it would be better than what the UK had during it's stay in the EU. So forget about any backstop, that won't happening, and the UK should take all the blame for that.