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taus90 said:

So u r saying an SoC equivalent to 7850 paired with Jaquar CPU technically an APU clocked at 1.6 is on par with PS4? .. and again 7950 paired with a mobile Jaquar CPU clocked at 1.6 will run Battlefield 5, High Setting, at 60fps?

I didn't mention anything about an APU or CPU.
But even a shitty AMD FX 6300 could probably do it.

Fact is... On the GPU side of the equation, you do not need twice the GPU performance to match a PS4.

taus90 said:

Jaguar was AMDs old low power CPU architecture and were one of the first APUs to come with integrated GCN graphics. Even a down clocked FX 8100 is too powerful in comparison to Jaguar based mobile CPU, Jaguar 8 core is no where near to a Bulldozer 8 cores designed for high performance desktop @1.6.  At best a laptop with 7850m specs is a far better comparison and its no where near what PS4 does with same specd APU. 

From my own comparison's donkeys years ago on this very forum (With evidence mind you, feel free to do a search for it...) the 8x 1.6ghz Jaguar Cores fell roughly in-line with a Dual-Core Core i3 Haswell running at 3ghz in total relative performance if all threads are leveraged.

At the moment though, not even my Xbox One X is doing graphics that my old Radeon RX 580 can't do... Let alone twice as good, so my point still stands... And I can compare them side by side!

...And at the end of the day, the PC gets optimizations as well, AMD and nVidia are constantly releasing new drivers which boosts performance... Microsoft is constantly releasing OS patches... And we now have more efficient API's (Vulkan and Direct X 12) which erodes the real-world performance differentials between console's low-level API's and the PC.

The Radeon 7850M is not a desktop Radeon 7850M.

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