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Random_Matt said:
Evilms said:

A 1080 with console optimization will be more than enough to do better than the PC version. remember J.Carmack :


What do you think PC will have in 2020, let's go as far as 2022?

Megaperfs? Ultraperfs? Unstoppable perfs?



Robert_Downey_Jr. said: 
They should look to have a huge launch exclusive (not crossgen a true next gen must have since there are so many PS4s out there less people would want to buy for it). Naughty Dog has had since Uncharted 4 in 2016 so 4 years should be enough to maybe get a new IP for a new gen right? Or maybe Horizon 2 from Guerrilla? Idk but something big and exclusive and at launch. Also they should launch in October at the latest. Get those launch preorders out of the way then get that second surge come holidays. Gotta get those first couple million outta the way to make it a holiday rush to get them when they restock.

A should have isnt a must have. To have games like GoT and Tlou2  available as crossgen titles at launch of a new console would be more than sufficient.

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